Adventure Summaries

Chapter 1 – Mad God’s Key

The party travels from Diamond Lake to the Free City of Greyhawk, acting as a caravan guard for the wizard Allustan Neff. The morning after arriving in the Free City they interrupt a locksmith’s shop being robbed by 2 would-be criminals.

Soon after, Theldrat, the owner of the business arrives, getting a little frantic when he discovers that a family heirloom key has been stolen. The party agrees to track the key down for him and learn that a half-orc known as Irontusk is likely responsible.

They track Irontusk down to the docks in Barge End. A chase ensues, ending with Ezio knocking the half-orc out. When Irontusk regains consciousness he tells the party that he was hired to steal the key by the Green Dagger Gang. They are the ones who now have the key. He negotiates his release in exchange for leading the party to the building where he took the key, an old abandoned two-story house.

The party enter the house, killing a Krenshar and a halfling guard along the way, before discovering 5 members of the gang in bed, too weak to move due to being struck down with Blinding Sickness. Learning from these 5 that the head of the gang, an elf by the name of Cyrathus is upstairs, the party heads further into the building.

Heading upstairs, a chandelier is dropped on their heads by another gang member. She is eventually defeated, but not before Roku and Cirian all but exhaust their spells, Ezio unconscious and most of the party wounded.

The party continues on, killing a pair of female halfling rogues in a room filled with green cloth hanging from the ceiling, before finding a secret door leading to a room where Cyrathus, the leader of the Green Dagger Gang is.

After some negotiation with Cyrathus, the party discover that a cleric of Boccob by the name of Veltargo now has the key. The party stole the key for Veltargo in exchange for potions to cure their sickness. Although the ill gang members took the potions several hours ago, it does not appear to have had any effect so far. The party promise to return with cures if they can.

After speaking to Altamaic the Calm, a junior member of the clergy at the Temple of Boccob, the party learn that a man with a fitting Veltargo’s description robbed Altamaic of his robes, holy symbol and vestments about a month earlier. Altamaic gives the party a stone pendant that he ripped off his assailant during their struggle.

After some investigation, the party learns from Allustan that the pendant is a cairn charm from the Tomb of Blood Everflowing, which is just over two day’s travel northeast from the Free City of Greyhawk.

Arriving at the Tomb, the party find several looted sarcophagus and writing indicating that they were Suel nobles from 600 years ago. The party discover that the cairn charm opens a secret entrance, leading deeper into the Tomb. Following the path down, they encounter zombies bearing the mark of Vecna, a swarm of undead rats, as well as a large pool of what appears to be blood.

Adventure Summaries

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