Shackled to the Age of Worms

Session 37 - Icosiol.

We rest and heal – and then Allustan picks up the Seal again, but there are no more manifestations of enemies to attack us. I feel a sense of renewed strength and power after this battle. Nothing can stop us now.
We are uncertain if the Seal has more surprises in store for us. Perhaps it is merely dormant for a short while.
We fly back to the massive double doors, where Allustan places the Seal on the ground and begins to read the runes written on it.
He utters the words “Pesh” “Aaqa” and “Icosiol”.
Cirian expresses his concerns that touching the Seal again, particularly in this sacred place, may summon more enemy.
He cautions us, and he and Allustan begin an animated discussion about where and when we should try and activate the Seals ability to open these doors.
Blerred save me from elves and wizards!! Has everyone lost their mind!! Have we forgotten how little time we may have to save ourselves from the imminent catastrophe!!
I grab the Seal off the floor – nothing happens – and hand it to Allustan in frustration. Can we please get on with this!!
Allustan appears to float momentarily into the air, saying “I see how we open the doors”.
He manoeuvres the Seal in a specific way, speaks the words from the runes – and the doors slide silently open.

We are confronted by a large chamber filled with blue fog and howling wind. We can see neither the floor or the roof. 7 large pillars rise out of the fog, reaching different heights in the air. One is much more massive than the others, one rotates slowly, one appears coated with a thick tar-like material.
But nothing attacks us – yet.

Velen conjures a bridge along the side wall – stretching to another pair of massive doors on the far side. Traeven steps on it and is immediately hit by lightning from the side wall, and violent wind swirls all around him.
He runs back to safety.
Velen recasts the bridge in the rooms centre, away from the side walls, and Traeven tries again. This time there is no wind and lightning – but 2 huge Air Elementals appear and a massive battle follows.
At one point Cirian gets too close to the side wall and is hit by a savage lightning strike.
I watch as he falls down through the fog – with all his possessions crackling with electric charges as they burn and disappear from his body.
As soon as I can I fly to his aid and catch him as he falls, unconscious and virtually naked. He has lost almost all his possessions.
I cannot hold in my anger – the millennia of antagonism between my race and his surges hotly through my veins. Damned elves!! I try with little success to suppress my distaste as I gather him up and fly him back to relative safety.
Meanwhile the others have finally banished the Air Elementals and I set about restoring us all to full strength.

We find Cirians spellbook – one of only 3 items he still possesses – Ezio gives him some makeshift clothes – and he flies over to the larger column.
An indentation in its upper surface has caught his attention. It is the exact size and shape of the Seal of Law.
Allustan fits the Seal into the surface and immediately the pillar begins to rise up with Cirian and Allustan standing on it.
10 feet from the ceiling, it stops – and the 2 of them disappear.
We all quickly follow, reappearing in a smaller room with a vast ceiling towering 60 feet overhead.
Metal lanterns light the area in all colours of the rainbow and a white marble sarcophagus floats in mid air. It is beautifully decorated with Wind Duke carvings, Air elementals and djinni.
Demons and slaads are trampled underfoot as the victorious Wind Warriors march onward.

We immediately spy an Oculus Demon hiding in the shadows in one corner, and another difficult little battle ensues.
But it is no match for the combined powers of all of us – and after a few minutes it is killed by Allustan.
He opens the sarcophagus with the Seal, its lid fading slowly from sight, and finally we are rewarded with a view of the final resting place of the noble Icosiol!
His remains are nothing but dust – but his coffin also contains what we seek, what we have risked so much to find.
A ring, two swords and a short length of a strange metal – surely a piece of the fragmented Rod of Law – lie next to him.
We gather them up – feeling a surge of anger and jealousy as we do so – quickly followed by a flood of peace and tranquillity.
I notice a warmth around my forehead as my Circlet of Wisdom glows momentarily, and I can suddenly interpret the wording and symbols written on the walls and objects around me. Curious.

Our work here is now done. Secreting the Ring, Swords and metal piece securely in my pack, we retrace our steps.
An uneventful trip back follows. We return through the 2 portals and hurry back to Diamond Lake.
Now we must sell our booty, and buy new provisions for the next phase of this journey.
Cirian will need our help now – he must be fully equipped before we move on.



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