Shackled to the Age of Worms

Session 35 - A tough battle.

Far from this being the easy fight I envisaged – it turns out to be one of our toughest battles yet.
These Air Elementals are incredibly resilient. True, they don’t seem to be able to damage us greatly – especially after I enable us all to resist their screeching noise weapons.
But the fact that they can avoid us by flying away makes it hard for us.
Velen picks up Ezio and carries him to them so he can attack.
Traeven can fly but he is very vulnerable without the rest of us near him.
Eventually one falls – then another.
But Traeven also falls into the water and I have to go to retrieve him.
I had forgotten his irrational fear of water and enclosed spaces – and when I reach him and revive him, he panics and refuses to be helped. I cannot grab him to assist him back to dry land.
It crosses my mind to knock him unconscious again – I am annoyed at his preventing me from joining the battle or helping the others.
If he doesn’t cooperate soon I shall leave him to struggle in the water on his own.
But eventually I get a hold of him, drag him to safety, and restore him to full health.
In the meantime Ezio is making strong headway against the enemy.
Two more of them dive into the water to avoid him.
I head back in to engage them.
Ezio kills the final two airborne ones and joins me.
I surround myself with my magic fire – and when they attack me they are sorely injured.
As I grab them underwater there is no escape for them.
Ezios sword finishes them off and we make our way back to dry land.

We are very depleted in abilities now.
This fight has been long and bloody.
Unfortunately there is nowhere to rest – so we must continue our journey – hoping not to be forced to fight again until we have recovered.
Fortune favours us as Blerred again smiles upon his faithful servant.
A place to rest appears on the waters far side.
We heal, restore, and prepare what we hope are appropriate powers for the trials ahead.

Following the river we fly down further.
It twists and turns, thundering and smashing its way down steep slopes and through narrow, treacherous rock strewn passes.
In time it settles somewhat, and we find ourselves over a flat pool.
The water flow enters a long cavern, the ceiling some 25 feet above the waters surface.
The pool is perhaps 50 feet wide from east to west – and disappears into the distant darkness.
The surrounding rock glitters with embedded mica chips, and we can see a pale green flickering light some 100 feet away in the distance.

We spot a sinister looking individual walking along the waters edge toward us. He travels with 2 disgusting looking skeletons, walking silently by his side.
We approach and begin a cautious conversation.
He tells us his name is Moreto and he has travelled through this area.
He entered from the “other end” and has travelled here from the underdark.
He mentions we are many hundreds of miles from where we entered in the Whispering Cairn.
This is news to us – when we travelled through the portal to enter this place, we were not aware we had gone so far.
He is very interested in what we are doing here.
How did we get in??
Do we know of the Wind Dukes??
What do we know of Icosiol??
Have you seen a spider??
We are cautious in our responses – but still tell him too much for my liking.
I stay silent while this exchange is going on – I prefer to watch carefully and try and read the opponents in a verbal battle such as this.
It soon becomes obvious to me that this man is lying through his teeth!!
He claims to have engaged the Shadow Spider – but he clearly didn’t kill it – yet he still lives.
He fails to mention the Air Elementals at all – until I mention them – then he hurriedly claims to have met them – but escaped their attention.
I join the conversation at this point, loudly telling my friends that this man is an obvious liar.
He trudges slowly along the rivers edge on his travels – yet claims to have had the ability to evade the swift Wind Warriors. Their band of six guardians were difficult enough for the six of us to dispose of – yet he claims to have escaped them.
He is not to be trusted or believed.
A brief discussion follows between the members of our band.
We decide to let this man and his followers go.
We cannot bring ourselves to kill him with no better reason than he lies to us.
I am of the firm opinion that we will ultimately regret this decision – but we decide to move on and allow Moreto to do the same.
We take our leave – and he walks slowly away.


We should have asked that guy where we were if we are no longer near the Cairn Hills.

Session 35 - A tough battle.

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