House Rules

Core rules only (i.e. PHB, DMG, MM). Anything else from outside the core rules must be approved by the DM before it is allowed to be used in the game.

No psionics.

You can use the Bard class from the Complete Book of Eldritch Might instead of the 3.5 PHB Bard if you want.

Rogues are automatically entitled to a Search check to find traps when moving carefully (half-speed) and passing within 5 feet of a trap. This ability works like the Elven ability to find secret doors.

Rogues can also Sneak Attack corporeal undead monsters for half sneak attack damage. Incorporeal undead monsters cannot be sneak attacked. All undead monsters are immume to critical hits as standard.

Clerics Turn Undead ability is replaced by the Channel Energy ability.

Hit points at each level can either be rolled or the average hit points rounded down taken (i.e. 2 for a d4, 3 for a d6, 4 for a d8, 5 for a d10, 6 for a d12).

Training may be enforced for new levels and feats.

Acquiring new skills that cannot be used untrained may also require training.

To increase ranks in a skill that you already have ranks in, or in a skill that you can use untrained, you must have used the skill during your previous level. This may have been during the adventure or in the down time between adventures. If it was during the down time during adventures provide a short explanation as to how you used the skill.

An alternate Diplomacy skill will be used.

You may choose up to 1 Flaw and 2 Traits for your character.

No spiked chains or floaty shields. They do not exist in my game.

If you want to use non-PHB spells for your Cleric you must give up an equal number of PHB spells of the same level to accommodate them.

20ft and 40ft area spread spells (i.e. Fireball) are placed by picking a square on the battlemat and then rolling a D4 to determine from which corner of the square the spell originates from.

When characters are between 0 and negative half their character level inclusive they are not unconscious but they are treated as staggered (as per the condition in the DMG). In addition, all BAB, skills, saves are halved until your hit points are increased back above 0.

Characters die at -10 minus their constitution modifier (instead of -10).

Failing a massive damage save drops you to -1 hit point (instead of immediately killing you).

On a threat, a 20 on the critical confirmation roll adds an extra multiple to the damage and you roll again, adding an extra multiple every time you roll another 20 (i.e. a 20 on a critical confirmation roll increases a x2 critical to a x3 critical).

If you roll a natural 1 on an attack, roll again with the same to-hit bonus. If your second roll hits then your attack is simply a miss. If your second roll misses, and you made a melee attack, you give anyone who threatens you an AoO. If you made a ranged attack then instead you have possibly hit an ally. Make an attack roll with the same to-hit bonus against the ally closest to your original target and, if you hit, roll damage as per normal.

Characters will receive 3 action points per level. Points do not carry over from one level to the next. When you level up all unused action points are lost.

Roleplaying and Story XP will be given out in addition to combat XP.

House Rules

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