Funny Game Quotes and Comments

Chris to Garry: “Do you think this character will roll better than Dagnal?”

Brett (in Session 2): “I haven’t hit anything all campaign”

Brett: “Who said its party loot?”

Adam (about Brett): “He’s not just a cop, he’s a crime scene investigator. He makes search checks for a living”

Adam: “They have blinding sickness. They have impaired vision, will go blind, and are too weak to look after themselves. They will die in a few days without medical aid”
Garry: “Yeah, good luck with that!”

Trevan to Head of Gang “We’re just as much in the dark about this blindness as you are”

“I noticed he was dirty and had fingernails black with dirt and unusually croocked teeth”
Lincoln “So he’s English” @ leader of Green Dagger Gang about Veltargo

Session 4 (tenth combat) Brett gets a kill.

Halfway through session 11 Adam figures out why there are only 10 session logs.

In the secret Hextor temple Treven runs up the fallen statue to get up close to the cleric of Hextor. Another cleric, a barbarian and a mob of zombies burst in. Chris observes that Treven is screwed and not the good kind. Brett admits his actions may have been a little rash. Chris observes that the rash usually comes later.

Adam “Hold potion”

Treven kills Theldrick with 18, action point 19 to confirm crit rolls double six.

Roku – during battle with grimlock archers at ravine… "Well what are we going to do now?
Ezio. “Well I’ve got some cards”

Aramil kills a cultist with bow and arrow:
Roku: ‘What was particularly good about that arrow was that it didn’t hit me in the back of the head’

Mark: “Thats 24, no wait more than 24, 22”

Ezio kills a door.

Roku scores a crit while large: 6d6+9 total 24.

Traeven at -34 hit points “SishkaTreavan – thump”

Traeven falls off a horse

Traeven rolls for damage 3d5+1 = 5

Chris: ‘Hey Adam, what do I have to roll to find out how tough these guys are?’
Garry: ‘Its called initiative’

Funny Game Quotes and Comments

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