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  • Cirian Melaimine

    Cirian's early years growing up in Celene were good. He spent them getting an education as a sage and was employed to transcribe old manuscripts for the preservation of knowledge. He worked diligently and was fascinated by the history of the Suel and the …

  • Aramil Galanodel

    Aramil Galanodel is the only child of Mialee Galanodel - An elf who arrived at Diamond Lake shortly before Aramil's birth. Aramil is a fairly quiet sort - only piping up from time to time to share a quirky joke or to grumble about one of his dislikes. …

  • Ezio Auditore

    Ezio was born in the village of Lardon in the Shieldlands. his early life was quite plesant, he spent his time playing and helping the family business when he could, oblivious to the troubles on the border. (as a merchant giovanni would have know …

  • Velan McAwesomesauce

    This is Velan 2.0. Designed by Mark to be as badass as possible. Thought he could be better if Adam let me have some of the feats i wanted!