A cantankerous gnomish jeweller


Tidwoad is a cantankerous gnomish jeweller from Diamond Lake.


Tidwoad is the owner and operator of the unoriginally named, [[Tidwoad’s | Tidwoad’s]] a meticulously arranged jewellery shop located on the Vein’s central square in Diamond Lake.

Tidwoad frequently paces upon the surface of his business counter, exclaiming that his customer’s efforts to get a better deal will drive him into a debtor’s prison.

He originally hails from Grossetgrottel, a gnome warren several days to the northwest of Diamond Lake. Whilst not necessarily racist, he does look more favorably upon gnomes than upon members of other races, whom he considers oafish or overly delicate. He hosts several gnomish lodgers in the apartments above his workshop.

There are rumours that he has links to both Balabar Smenk and Chaum Gansworth.


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