Nervous-looking middle-aged man with dark hair and moustache


Theldrat is a portly male human aged in his 40’s. He has coppery skin, short dark hair and a moustache. It may be due to discovering his shop broken into, or it may be he general demeanor, but he appears to be a very nervous individual. He constantly plays with his moustache and wrings his hat in his hands.


Theldrat is the owner of ’Theldrat’s Lock and Key’ a locksmith shop located in the Free City of Greyhawk.

The party first encountered Theldrat on 27 Ready’reat, 595 CY after they stopped some thieves from looting his shop. After discovering that someone had stolen his family heirloom key, he hired the party to retrieve it at a fee of 5gp per person per day. The party asked for more, but he told them that was all he could afford (and, as far as the PC’s could tell, was telling the truth).


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