Scary looking half-orc with a tusk-like tooth capped with iron


A scary looking 6 foot tall Half-Orc so named because he has a protruding tusk-like tooth capped with iron. Irontusk has ligh olive-coloured skin with numerous scars on his body. He dresses in finely crafted leather armour with iron studs, over which he wears a ragged old fur cloak.


Irontusk works down at the docks in Barge End in the Free City of Greyhawk. He supplements that income by taking side jobs from various groups of ill repute in the Free City, such as the Green Dagger Gang.

The party first encountered Irontusk while trying to find a key that he had stolen from a locksmith shop owned by Theldrat. Irontusk fled from the party but was knocked unconscious by Ezio before he could escape. The party let Irontusk go after he told them he had given the stolen key to the Green Dagger Gang and led the party to their hideout.


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