Well-dressed, tall and thin young elf with neatly cropped blonde hair pulled back behind his head


Cyrathus is a tall, lean elf who doesn’t look old enough to be considered middle-aged, but old enough to have learnt a few of life’s lessons.

He wears finely made clothes of rich blues and greens, inlaid with semiprecious gemstones and has with neatly cropped blonde hair, which he pulls back behind his head. He comes across as a cold and calculating individual, but he does appear to have some sense of loyalty when it comes to members of his gang.


Cyrathus is the leader of the Green Dagger Gang, a small group of thieves that are looking to establish themselves in the Free City of Greyhawk.

A few weeks before the party first encountered him, several members of his gang became ill. The sickness caused those infected to gradually lose their strength as well as their eyesight, before eventually dying.

A couple of days before the party encountered Cyrathus, a sick member of the Green Dagger Gang was approached by a Cleric of Boccob, who noticed that he was unwell. This man, who introduced himself as Veltargo, offered to cure the gang members of their sickness, in exchange for stealing a particular key from Thedrat’s Lock and Key.

Due to more than half the Green Dagger Gang being dead or incapacitated by this sickness, Cyranthus hired Irontusk to steal the key for him. After he was captured by the party, Irontusk led them to the Green Dagger Gang’s hideout in exchange for the return of his possessions.

By this stage Cyrathus had already exchanged the stolen key with Veltargo for potions to cure the sickness. Several hours after taking them the potions appeared to have little to no effect. After discovering that Cyranthus was no longer in possession of the stolen key, the party let him and his remaining sick gang members live, promising to return with a cure if they could.


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