Altamaic the Calm

Young male human Cleric of Boccob with short cropped black hair


Altamaic the Calm is a human Cleric of Boccob, aged in his early 20’s. He dresses in the robes and vestments of Boccob, and prominently displays Boccob’s holy symbol at all times.

He speaks in a quiet voice and patiently waits for whomever he is speaking with to finish what they have to say before responding.


Altamaic the Calm is a junior member of the clergy at the Temple of Boccob in the Free City of Greyhawk.

The party first encountered Altamaic on 27 Ready’reat, 595 CY, when investigating the theft of a key from Theldrat’s locksmith shop.

While asking Altamaic if he knew anything about the theft of the key, he revealed to the party that, about a month earlier, he was robbed one evening on his way back to the Temple of Boccob. The thief did not steal his money, but instead demanded his vestments, holy symbol and robes.

Altamaic noted that the robber was thin, balding, with crooked teeth and a foul stench. During the struggle Altamaic pulled a stone pendant from around the neck of his assailant, which he gave to the party to help with their investigation.

He told the party that he had reported the theft to the city watch investigating the theft of the book from the Grey Library of Greyhawk, but that the guard who interviewed him dismissed it as irrelevant.

Altamaic the Calm

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