Shackled to the Age of Worms

Session 42 - The Worm Sea.

We rise early.
More spells are prepared and cast to strengthen and empower us. We begin the flight down into the depths of the hole. We feel enveloped by the evil it emanates. This must be more than an Ulgurstasta hole. We did not sense this same evil back at the arena. Cirian creates a light – and we can tell the hole is not a natural phenomenon, but neither does it appear to have been hewn by pick and axe. Even my exceptional skill and knowledge of stonework cannot fathom how this was made.

We descend further. It is very dark and stinks abominably. It begins to narrow – and we note dozens of tunnel openings about 10 feet in diameter leading horizontally into the rock.
Suddenly 2 worm nagas poke out their heads and a nasty little fight follows. At one point I find myself beginning to fall and I quickly cast a spell to reverse this effect. The bottom of the hole is still not in view and a free fall would likely be fatal. We kill the nagas and continue down. Another naga appears and we kill it too. Continuing down, the tunnel narrows and narrows until we are forced into single file.

Eventually the bottom comes into view. We find ourselves floating above a room some 40 feet by 30. The floor is alive with millions of Kyuss worms. They sense us, and try in vain to climb the walls to attack. Cirian blasts the room with several fireballs – and I assist with some more flame. Soon they are all dead – and we move through the room and out a passage in one of the walls.

We are confronted by a huge cavern. The roof spans almost 100 feet above. Spread before us is a massive sea of green worms, stretching as far as we can see, broken only by a few rocky outcrops. Fortunately their surface lies about 5 feet below our level and they cannot seem to climb out over the ledge. Two worm callers can be seen walking on the air above them, and they attack with some mind affecting powers. I am temporarily paralysed, but shake it off quite quickly.
Cirian seems keen to redeem himself for his mistake in our earlier battle. He is calm and controlled as he strides forward. Pointing at one of the enemy, he commands, and a thin green ray springs from the end of his fingers. It strikes the worm caller, who immediately freezes, and then crumbles to nothingness before our eyes. An impressive display indeed! Our cautious elf wizard may be a warrior after all. He turns to the other worm caller – but suddenly the surface of the worm sea erupts outward as a gargantuan green head emerges and gathers up Cirian in its mouth. He escapes by calling on his power to manipulate the dimensions of matter – and I hastily call everyone around me to teleport to safety, but not before Traeven is horribly bitten by the monster.

In an instant we are resting in the same jungle clearing when we arrived from Mage Point.

Cirian tells us this was a giant Kyuss worm. The most powerful of the overworms made by Kyuss. The source of his great power? or just the expression of his insane will? – that we do not know. They tend to focus their attack on one entity at a time, swallowing down their prey and allowing the smaller worms they carry within to kill them and turn them into Swords of Kyuss.

We must rest. We are much depleted after these battles.

In the morning we discuss strategy. It is decided that the nagas are likely to have a lair somewhere – probably containing much useful booty. We decide we can afford an hour or two to locate this and steal it. We cannot pass up the chance to find any of the items on Tensers list.

We fly back down the tunnel, stopping at one of the smaller entrances. I cast a spell to locate the nagas lair, and we float under an invisibility spell until the tunnel widens slightly to a small cavern. 3 nagas can be seen sitting on a pile of coins with a few weapons and other items strewn around. We attack – and dispense with them quickly.
We gather up their goods – and I teleport us all to the room where Cirian fireballed the worms on the floor. A very profitable little interlude indeed!

We move through a different exit – being careful not to cross the opening to the vast cavern inhabited by the giant worm. We do not wish to warn it of our return. A short passage opens to a large room with 50 or more corpses lying on the floor. They are perfectly preserved, and in good condition. Probably not long dead. Investigation reveals them to be human, of Flan ancestry. A few Kyuss worms are crawling about – and the walls show various symbols of more coiled worms.
We continue through to a second room. This one has dozens of skeletons on the floor – arranged identically to the Flan corpses. These are dead many centuries. Not a scrap of flesh remains, and the walls and stonework here is very ancient.

Another passage doubles back to the worm sea – so we try a door at the end of the passage. We open it to a surprising scene. A worm naga sits quietly reading a book. The room contains a few large troughs, many old tattered books – and is strangely very tidy and ordered, although rubbish litters the floor. The naga looks up and speaks. “Hello – visitors – any of you know teleport?” I am immediately deeply suspicious – he is a worm being kept captive by the obsidian wall and seeks a way of escape. Cirian begins a discourse. “Why?” “My name is Shruggitt. I will give you all my books if you will agree to teleport me outside the obsidian ring”. Cirian begins to glean information from this beast. He claims to know little. Has lived here his whole life, neither living nor dying, always trying to find a way to leave.
Cirian, ever the scholar, seems to be actually considering his request. He clearly would love to immerse himself in the knowledge contained in this room. I decide to intervene. It is unthinkable to me to be complicit in this creature escaping this place. I interrupt bluntly and insist we leave.

We retrace our steps back to the first room. After trying to avoid being seen through the passage to the worm sea, we move through the final door. A short passage, another door, and a 40 foot square room filled with the trappings of servitude to Kyuss. A large black marble fountain dominates the room – and 3 more worm callers move toward us, mumbling spells.

Be strong my friends – these 3 will go the way of all our foes before this, and we will continue on to final victory.



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