Shackled to the Age of Worms

Session 41 - Cleaning house!!

We rise refreshed and ready. Spells and weapons are prepared for further exploration of this place.
After looting the bodies of the enemy we killed last night, we decide that a serious investigation of the library is in order. After all, we came here looking for information.

As we begin looking around the library, again a darkness gathers in the air…..the chamber wavers and shimmers, and suddenly a human man appears at one of the desks nearby. A strange grey-skinned humanoid creature with six arms stands at his shoulder. The man studies a collection of worn and pitted bronze disks arrayed on the desk before him. Faint etchings adorn the plates, and it seems as if the alien figures and symbols writhe together at the behest of some sinister will. The grey creature points to one of the plates, and a look of sudden comprehension blooms on the man’s face. The man, the creature, and the plates then fade away, and are gone.

The man is he who sat in the throne in the earlier vision – Kyuss himself – and we know the six-armed creature to be an undead spell weaver.

Cirian gets to work. He has already devoured many of the tomes in here while the rest of us were asleep. Perhaps being an elf isn’t all bad.
He shows us a book he has found with a picture of a small rune-covered worm inside a human head. The book refers to it as a “knowledge worm”. Apparently there are 4 different kinds – relating to knowledge of religion, arcane magic, history and the planes.
The book states that eating one of these worms potentially exposes you to the expected dangers, but if you possess the strength to resist the worms’ effects, the worm will grant you increased knowledge of its particular field.
The 12 clay jars on the shelves contain 3 worms of each of the 4 categories.
Well, I am certainly game to try this. I am keen to increase my knowledge of religion, and I am sublimely confident of my strength to resist this little creatures’ pitiable attempts to harm me.
I ask Cirian to identify a worm of religion, and swallow it down with no difficulty.
Ezio quickly follows my lead.
Cirian is less confident – but after much urging from myself and the others he eventually swallows one worm of each variety, and suffers no ill effects whatsoever.

A good start to the day – let us hope our good fortune continues.

We press on – the East door leads, as expected, back outside.
Traeven gently tries to tease the North door open, but Ezio barges past and pushes it aside. We see a rectangular room filled with an unhealthy green glow. Instruments of torture are strewn around, but our immediate attention is drawn to two large Sword Archons and a Ghael Eladrin, who regard our intrusion with obvious displeasure, moving swiftly to attack. They are clearly undead, looking gaunt and diseased.
A difficult fight follows. Cirian fills the room with black writhing tentacles – I cast a wall of whirling blades of steel. But they are strong and capable – and the Eladrin is a mage of some considerable ability. At one point, both Archons smash the side walls of the room to release swarms of the tiny green worms. These are less potent than the larger variety we have met in previous encounters, but still present a problem. We kill the Archons, then the Eladrin, and eventually all the worms as well.

Immediately the last one dies and yet another dark vision fills the air around us……the ruins of the room waver and fade, replaced by a well-equipped torture chamber. Wailing victims strapped to horrific devices hang in the background from chains. In the foreground stand two figures. One is a handsome man dressed in flowing robes. Facing him is a strange, six-armed creature that looks as much insect as it does humanoid. The insect creature’s eyes are hollow sockets containing a pinpoint of light deep within. Its flesh is rotting and festering, and the green robes it wears are old and moth-eaten. The creature wields a long green crystal rod in one hand, a cruel hooked rod in another. In two other hands it holds a jewelled gold box that it presents to the man, who takes it and sets it upon a table. He opens it and, using a pair of iron tongs, withdraws a writhing green worm. The man’s expression changes to one of exaltation as he looks upon the worm… and then the vision fades.
Kyuss and the spell weaver again……..

Strangely, I feel no concern or dread this time. And my friends all seem similarly strengthened and energised. Indeed it has been a good day and we have much for which to be thankful.

A quick check up the stairs, which reveals nothing, and now to rest and prepare to search further.

I am confident the morning will bring more good fortune – perhaps we will find the powerful artefacts Tenser has suggested may be hidden here. I give thanks to Blerred, and fall asleep.



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